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doing what’s right
with what’s left®
Who We Are:ANEW (Asset Network for Education Worldwide, Inc.)

ANEW, a 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization, exists to provide companies alternatives regarding their surplus furniture and other items with the priority of matching it to charities, public agencies and underserved communities. This simple practice furthers corporate citizenship, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. ANEW is doing what’s right by extending the lifecycle of surplus items through reuse, resale and repurposing; what’s left is recycled and considered for energy-from-waste to avoid landfill. ANEW is a single point resource, coordinating the removal of all surplus in any condition from the interior built environment, conducting outreach and matching of useable items within the community of the project. As an overarching outcome, companies who work with us reduce the effects of climate change. Results captured are summarized on our sustainability certificate and issued upon close-out of the project.

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